The Prayer - Key To My Heart

The Prayer
May 2011

Music by Ashelyn Summers
Lyrics by Ashelyn Summers

Vocals by Ashelyn Summers
Piano by Jervy Hou
Cello by Irina Chirkova
Bass by Dave Stone

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by
Mike Troolines
Sound Asylum
Santa Ana, California

Artwork and Photography by Marissa Grigonis



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I pray
Lord praised
I pray to save us all

I pray
Lord save
Save us all from ourselves

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia
Save us from ourselves

Plead on your knees
Fallen in defeat
One day all will come

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia
One day all will come

Someday we will all be sleeping
On the other side of the ground
Nothing will have meaning
Until our faith in love is found

Oh, our faith unites us all
Oh, Lord please make us whole

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia
Lord, please save us all
Lord, please make us whole


56 Responses to “The Prayer”

  1. Your voice hypnotizes me! It’s amazing! Keep up!

  2. dankitti says:

    One of my favorite new singers on YouTube! Great song, and the awesome looking piano is FTW!

    video = awesomeness <3 <3 <3

  3. Pierre Borduas (BigPete) says:

    Hey Ashe another beautiful song, superbe performance from all, and what I really noticed on the video is your presence at the mic, real powerful (your not holding the headphones,lol) your really feeling it with your body when your singing it. Great one, I’ll se how I can ruin another great track from you. lol, great work.

  4. Very very nice! I love your voice. Everyone in this video is extremely talented and it shows.

  5. This is stunning. Keep up your amazing work Ashelyn.

  6. XXTheOpenCloudXX says:

    I think the feather is a good choice for this cover as it symbolizes peace and prosperity.

  7. admin says:

    I think it turned out very well; or at least, it was exactly what I had asked for :) One of the benefits of having my sister as my photographer :)

  8. XXTheOpenCloudXX says:

    That’s what sister’s are there for, right? To lend that helping hand!!!

  9. admin says:

    Or that helping DSLR :)

  10. XXTheOpenCloudXX says:

    DSLR? Hmmm…..Deady Sexy Loving Romantic… full on stumped me, Ashe!!!

  11. admin says:

    Sorry, I was just talking about the camera – DSLR stands for Digital Single Reflex Lens – in this case a Nikon D300.

  12. XXTheOpenCloudXX says:

    I checked it out later on the net…..but I think the above sounds better!!!

  13. surfere1969 says:

    Really loved your voice and the song Is good too.You are going to go far In life.Just don’t let the dark side of music seduced your soul and turned you Into everyone else.Basked In the beautiful light side of music.

  14. I found youour songs because they’re in stereomood marked under beautiful, but they’re the instrumental version (which i LOVE too) so I wanted to hear what it would sound with you singing and you are an AMAZING singer!

  15. BeatAbuza says:

    Voice is really nice. The piano player is awesome!

  16. kikyou322 says:

    Love all your duets ^_^!!!Amazing, incredible….(sigh) no words appropriate really …thanks !

  17. You are truely blessed, keep up your work and shoot for the stars.

  18. realmclennyd says:

    wow your wonderful voice is so amazing that I can listen to you sing all day

  19. bobbywann says:

    Beautiful voice and singing! Truly a blessing.

  20. This song is so beautiful. Your voice is just …wonderful, beautiful, amazing…there is just not enough adjectives to say how good!

  21. TheGarrett79 says:

    this chick is wonderfully talented and im so lucky she added me as a friend because i would have never found such talent that fast

  22. I was wanting to hear something like this ..and i turn on my computer ..and this is here ..thank you Ashelyn this is perfect !!

  23. AmyListener says:

    Very restful instrumental. But I listened first last night and could barely believe my ears. In your instrumental, twice, someone was whispering.

  24. Ajohn13 says:

    Sounds great, Ashelyn – Best Wishes, John

  25. Darkfire0721 says:

    Beautiful and restful. Everything I’d expect from an instrumental song.

  26. jimsmailbox says:

    Theres that Beautifully Strong & Vibrant, yet Sultry & Seductive voice of yours
    I’ve been longing to hear, as it resonates to the dance of your fingertips on Ivory.
    Thanks for enriching my day with your presence Ashe

  27. DBBCCA says:

    I just love to watch you sing Ashelyn, you are so passionate!! (it’s me, Livingbreeze :))

  28. zonnyza says:

    I was happy when I hear you sing. :)

  29. harmsshiloh says:

    passion in your voice,the love of what you do has alowwed you to become an AMAZING are so very talented.keep up the good work! always looking forward to hearing you sing!

  30. Already crying. His name is Jesus. We’re all angels. But only some sound like it in their human voice on earth. Voice of an angel. Beautiful, Ashelyn. He has saved us all. Some in this life. Some in the moment the darkness is past, and time ends. Darkness forms time. Light in Jesus is Eternity. We will all be in the true Light soon. His coming destroys all darkness and ends all time. In Eternity, there is only Light and Love in Jesus — and all angels restored with pure wings. GBU

  31. *I tried to buy your other song. I couldn’t cuz I’m anti-

  32. What a voice!!!!! wounderful!!! :O

  33. Enzo zen says:

    I can’t stop hearing this girl!!!

  34. Ooh, lovely. I’ve found that I really enjoy your more instrumental songs better than your rock – they tend to be introspective, and the melodies tend to be richer and more beautiful. Of course, that could just be a preference. When I get up the money, I’m going to buy the instrumentals for this. <3 *Is extremely poor*


  35. realmclennyd says:

    wow this is what I call really beautiful music

  36. lepuff7 says:

    I love this so much. Makes me think of my childhood and all the good memories I’ve had in life. I love you. This is absolutely amazing!

  37. er0tas says:

    Ashe you sound like Amy Lee, gosh this is so beautiful!

  38. Richy Walsh says:

    This is an amazing!! what a fantastic song!! STUNNING!! vocals!! I was wrong on my other comment, your not one of the best on youtube, your the best!!! Amazing performance!!!
    Rich :)

  39. chellsian says:

    so beautiful……. L<3VE IT….

  40. chellsian says:

    this song is so beautiful and the singer too…… :)

  41. Thank you Ashelyn,for this beauty…wunderful!!
    and wath an beautiful song,…I choce not nowing wath it would be…
    I listen to this song, again and a gain..  Greetings Ton

  42. Beautiful played,..verry nice sound with the Chello..
    Thank you Ashelyn..

  43. Damian Tobin says:

    Stunning… absoulutly stunning.

  44. mar yix says:

    thank you Ashlyn for adding me. I´m honored to be here listening to you now.
    i really love your compositions and this song really touches my heart. it´s lovely.

  45. jenefaner says:

    Truly inspiring. A gift from the Father! God Bless!

  46. wow this is really great music I would definitely like to see and hear on TV because this wonderful singer talented voice is just as beautiful and amazing as ever

  47. mediamanny53 says:

    I search and search looking for inspiration and serene landscapes, to
    smooth out my road and I find it in your perfect voice and melody! It is
    good, I say

  48. Copy3ms says:

    Holy smokes she can sing. I thought it was just the Dark Souls video but..
    wow. Nice. Praise the Sun!

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