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August 1, 2000 at 12:00 pm


33 Responses to “Puppet Master”

  1. xCreepzJapan says:

    Just discovered your music! Oh my God, this is amazing! I don’t know why people haven’t made a comment about this song, keep doing them, you’re incredible! :D

  2. YouLisy says:

    Yes, she is amazing!

  3. wassonice says:

    wonderful. i gave the link to your chanel to all my friends.
    just love you!!!!

  4. XXTheOpenCloudXX says:

    My favourite of this set of gorgeous photos is “Puppet Master No.3″ because the brightness and colour seems to be more enhanced than the others….and because you look stunning in it!!

  5. This is proof of how hard it is to get into the music industry. Something so great is only heard by less than 1000 people… Try to get signed to a major label, you can do it I promise. Try your hardest! When you’re singing in your videos, show us the passion because honestly I’m not seeing it yet. You’re a great vocalist but people want someone who really feels their music, or at least show it.

  6. @JuzKillnBeatz Thanks for your compliments :) All of the videos I have posted so far have been candid shots from the recording studio. As such, my focus is 100% on the vocals. Admittedly, this can involve some rather awkward facial expressions, since I am using my muscles for projection rather than expression. On stage, I certainly do compromise between the two, but in the studio, never. Granted, I do need to get some performance videos up!

  7. may i suggest you take some notes on other bands such as the kabeedies, and the yeah yeah yeahs? i like your music a lot, but it lacks soul, and sort of feels like a normal teen drama type genre. its close to that of great

  8. surfere1969 says:

    You have a really nice voice listen to all your songs.I loved them all too.Not to mention you are a cutie

  9. realmclennyd says:

    wow you should go on dick clark new year rocking eve because your wonderful voice is awesome as ever

  10. 4david211 says:

    wow…you sing with such passion….like Celine…its beautiful stuff…

  11. danimchi says:

    Your voice reminds me of Natalie Merchant. Very beautiful.

  12. jimsmailbox says:

    Another exelent Instrumental Ashe, If I could sit & chat with the artist within there would be many things I would be curious to know . Like are these recently posted Instrumentals freshly written ? Were they written to remain an Instrumental or are they the prelude for lyrics yet to be written ? Whats your personal reason or preference for creating an Instrumental as opposed to one with lyrics that gives us another opportunity to enjoy your beautiful voice ?

  13. @jimsmailbox I’m uploading the mastered versions of the songs from my debut album

  14. jimsmailbox says:

    @ashelynsummers Thanks Ashe, I feel like I have a greater understanding now & I know I should go through your playlist & listen to each

  15. darianryder says:

    Your music has strings. :P
    It does. Quite beautiful.

  16. 33drewster says:

    Nice one girl, this reminds me a little of linkin park, keep the hits flowing and lets hear the beautiful voice of yours, come on!

  17. hartpence98 says:

    WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWWOOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW i absolutly love your nvoice…. well dun

  18. safeharbor7 says:

    Thumbs up beautiful lady. Larry

  19. I love your album. I listen to it over and over. So glad I bought it.

  20. Omg so glad you are my friend! Killer songs you have

  21. I love this. You’re really talented.

  22. wow, you are really good!! not my type of music, but sooooo AMAMZING¡!¡!

  23. Wow! You have an amazing voice and your very gorgeous and I like your sound.Damn :O

  24. ok this is weird and different but u know what……………. I LOVE IT great job

  25. ashlyn meets ashlyn its perfect good work babez

  26. I really like this beautiful song

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