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December 1, 2001 at 12:00 pm


149 Responses to “Warm Against The Winter”

  1. Darkfire0721 says:

    Yet another great song. I could listen to it over and over again.

  2. Ajohn13 says:

    Beautiful Ashe, love the new song.Best Wishes, John

  3. You’re amazing. I love your voice and the song is beautiful. Larissa

  4. Oh, wow! You have such a beautiful voice and the song is just amazing. :D I love it!

  5. LKathyRunkle says:

    You have the most wonderful relaxing music.

  6. Great job , i just love your voice !!

  7. What a wonderful song for this season Ashe!

  8. thadawerk says:

    very beautiful song. Also, very interesting title. I love it. You look great in the photo.

  9. DrManceni says:

    Hi Greetings from Miami! thanks for the friend request, love your songs, amazing voice. If you have a gig in Miami, I’ll be the first one to be there :)

  10. Your voice is absolutely beautiful. I dont think mine could compare. You have quite a sound there. You’ll go far I know it.

  11. thadawerk says:

    really enjoyed watching this. everyone did an amazing good. The piano work is excellent, but the violen and cello adds a nice touch. You really have something here. I wish you much success in all that you do.

  12. dankitti says:

    One of my favorite singers on YouTube! I heart that cello and violin!

    awesomeness <3 <3 <3

  13. starman1239 says:

    Wot a beautiful song,i just love it,and wot a amazing voice you have to.

  14. prelevich says:

    As I mentioned earlier, great some with perfect vocals! Very nice video as well! :)

  15. nice vocal, right out perfect.

  16. The piano and arrangement are sublime! :) Love the studio videos, as well! What a wonderful thing to actually see the creation of music….music gives us all a place to escape and remember what it is that motivates us all to live and love life.


  17. Ajohn13 says:

    So haunting, Ashelyn. I always feel your music. Love the strings. Of course the vocals and keyboard are fantastic as they are in all your songs.Simply amazing. Beautiful production. Video and audio is pristine. Always wishing you well – John

  18. Ashelyn,
    You are an Angel sent from Above with magical musical powers to give music a new meaning… Pure, Raw, Angelic Talent !!
    …and made in the USA (Ultimate Singer Alive) :-)))
    Simply AWESOME !!
    Sending smiles your way…
    ❤Francisco ♪♫♪♫★

  19. orangedude8 says:

    you are very good at singing. in fact much better then most people who are popular today. you have a very powerful and stunning voice and you can play the piano really well. the cello and violin players are also very skilled. keep on singing

  20. Simply beautiful. Simply amazing. And your voice? A gift from the gods!! Thanks for emailing me this Ashe.

  21. Murwoch says:

    Thank you Ashelyn for sharing this with us, a beautiful gift from a beautiful person. I love the way your music is evolving and the team complements you nicely, clearly talent attracts talent. I will be sharing this with all who will listen. Brilliant! :)

  22. LKathyRunkle says:

    This is one of the prettiest songs I’ve heard in a long time.

  23. fonsybest25 says:

    Encantadora melodía.

  24. texasvamp87 says:

    Absolutely wonderful!! =)

  25. James O. says:


    Love the song! The title and idea for this is such a great visual for the mind. Your vocals and music are awesome! A sweet treat for the Holidays!


  26. MrMuziekfan says:

    Beautiful, i enjoyed it, great job Ashelyn !!!

  27. MrMattil1 says:

    wow amazing.. im working on trying to make covers rlly soon. hopefully i can make it far. but i know forsure you will go far!

  28. Even more BEAUTIFUL, if that was POSSIBLE, AWESOME. THANKS

  29. metamurph says:

    great song, like the blonde too

  30. luveruvmusic says:

    After my second listen, this song wowwwed me in a different way. Vocals off the hook, lyrics exceptional, and I like the twist in your sound on this song. Well done!! All the best to you as you give us in every song.

  31. PolgarGM says:

    I do like your idea of releasing the instrumental separately for your tracks. Not only is the possibility of syndication broadened I guess, but it lays bare how good the arrangements are. Why wouldn’t this one be picked up, for example?

  32. Wow! Another awesome song! I love your voice and find your lyrics captivating!
    Keep up the great work! 

  33. wow thats amazing! did you hire those people?? :)

  34. harmsshiloh says:

    you are so amazing and your voice touches the soul.simply beautiful.thank you for sharing your voice,you make me feel and want!

  35. From 3:01 has to be my favorite part. <3

  36. gus051 says:

    it’s so beautiful, encore! encore :’) lol jk naw but seriously that was Wonderful =]

  37. jonhansen100 says:

    Thanks for making contact. I look forward to learning more about your work. Not even through my first listen and seem to be hooked already. You have a powerful voice. Love that…

  38. 794lala says:

    I love her voice it’s pretty!!:)

  39. The perfect song for the perfect time a year. :) I can’t get enough of this song!

  40. DrManceni says:

    Love this song :)

  41. mzm153 says:

    I’ve been looking for songs like yours for such a long time. Finally found them.

  42. punkgirl414 says:

    Has anyone ever told you that you sound like Amy Lee from Evanescence? If not then you do. And you are amazing at singing love your voice and the piano stuff.

  43. friendz906 says:

    amazing voice! i wish i knew how to play the piano as beautiful as you do :/

  44. Thumbs up! You have such a beautiful voice!
    -Erick Flores

  45. jndogss says:

    I like this ong.

  46. lenieth85 says:

    waaaaaah love your voice you’re the best as always Ash <3 <3

  47. WorldWarEcho says:

    This song is so beautiful. Quickly becoming one of my favorites– and trust me that is hard to achieve– I’ve had the same favorites for four years

  48. My new favorite song from Ashelyn! Heck, all of her songs are my favorite!!
    another master peice from the one of the greatest artist i know…
    Ashelyn, Fame and fans are deifinitly knocking on you’re door.
    Great job, i love you’re hair! did you die it blonde?((:

  49. Uberboy07 says:

    /sigh Your voice is so lovely :>

  50. youtube… you have failed me again… how have you… i just… i dnt get it… she… you didn’t… youtube, you suck. you werent the one who showed me her, she was! and im stinkin glad! she’s amazing! i wish my voice sounded HALF that good! YOUTUBE, YOU FAIL FOR NOT SHOWING HER TO ME SOONER! RAWRRR! she’s amazing T-T

  51. alexa00911 says:

    BEAUTIFUL<3 your stunning, and your voice is amazing! Hope you never stop all your songs are fantastic :D

  52. You’re Amazing! You have Serious talent!

  53. You kind of remind me of Evanescence. Not bad! Thanks for the add, glad I checked it out (:

  54. Zograp says:

    Dear Ashelyn song and music are wonderful, I really love the sound,. It is very pleasing to my ears…Thnak you so much! Best wishes to you  zorro

  55. BaileesPaige says:

    Does anyone knoe how she split the frames to have to of them? Also this was beautiful :))

  56. alecial143 says:

    can I say. I love you -3

  57. Simply put, beautiful, breathtaking.

  58. that was amazing ;)

  59. MattRoyLive says:

    Awesome!!! Enjoyed a LOT !!!! pretty amazing and unique singer !

  60. MsMayaya1 says:

    Breath taken i cant even say anything i i i LOVE IT !!!!!! keep up the good work Ashlyn :)

  61. MattRoyLive says:

    Awesome!!! Enjoyed a LOT !!!! pretty amazing and unique singer !

  62. Flexineya says:

    Fantastic sounds… So sweetly…
    You’re greate, Ashe!

  63. I loved watching your video! You have amazing talent and a wonderful singing voice! Keep up the great work! :)

  64. 1964GJH says:

    Warm honey covered with dark chocolate….yummy for the ears!

  65. Ashley, I could listen to your kind of piano playing anytime, it is very well perform and with real depth and feeling.

  66. fahrradhansi says:

    Greetings from Germany….very beautiful vioice !

  67. Saphmira says:

    You are definitely AMAZING. I love your voice – pure beauty. :)

  68. MattRoyLive says:

    2nd listen-STILL Awesome !~~

  69. Shellheart76 says:

    I love when your voice gets a bit louder, beautiful voice, I think it’s all too worthy of a like and worthy of a favorite

  70. tkageyama01 says:

    keep it up, you’ll find more success in life.

  71. fart1ize says:

    0 dislikes.Lets keep it this way

  72. Ashelyn,

    You have such a beautiful, powerful voice! Your music is a blessing to all.


  73. Ajohn13 says:

    Ashelyn, just heard this featured on someones channel, Its just beautiful. So nice to hear it again and again – Best Always – John 

  74. Shame that this doesn’t have more views. Simply amazing!

  75. you are an amazing singer and im positive we will all see bigger and better things from you in the future:)

  76. Wasameng says:

    Omfg I know I commented twice but my goodness! THE WRONG people in this world get recognition. You sing about drugs, money, and your 3 fucking mustang gt’s in your garage and your a billionaire. You sing about, love and something peaceful… it takes forever. I think this girl, lady needs more way more recognition.

  77. Tr33flow3r says:

    Thank you for the comment that you left on my page :) it’s never a problem to tell someone that they are good at what they do, or excellent at what they do in your case lol and i really enjoyed this song as well :)

  78. zeekerpup says:

    even with 512 views..i find this just perfect.. is that you in the pic?

  79. dalton8886 says:

    it has been some time sence the goose bumps came from such a powerful voice
    i am glad some one likes real music in the world
    and who is the idiot that dont like this !!!

  80. winjunk says:

    absolutely an expression of emotion with music, and SO well done. Bravo!

  81. @zeekerpup Yes, that’s me in the picture! I’m glad you like the instrumental version – I am privileged to work with some amazing string musicians :)

  82. krissy1hanna says:

    I am so sure even God listens when you sing….

  83. Broblem12 says:

    Listening to you sing is a pleasure. Such a pure, melodic and unaffected voice is soulful. I thank you for allowing me to hear your performances. Makes me wish that I could sing a bit with you. My voice is a family continuation of my father and mother and before them. An honor and a blessing to see and feel and hear you perform. Fine pianist as well, well done.

  84. just put this on my FB page, Stop, Look and Listen… putting beautiful songs to beautiful pics. I have always Loved this song!!!!!!!!!! ♫

  85. tgirlme56 says:

    Such a joy to hear!

  86. Tall58 says:

    BEAUTIFUL ! Sung from the Heart ! Bravo ! Call if you ever in need of Harmonica Player.

  87. lianivaputik says:

    My mood for today.. :)

  88. yukisaga15 says:

    I feel happy(And i admit obsessed) when I listen to your music…Of course your probably tired of hearing that…^^

  89. alyousefnova says:

    OMG you’re amazing <3
    am in love with your voice ^o^

  90. YOUR AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. MrMediaTN says:

    that is an absolutely beautiful piece of music…

  92. PinkAfrica98 says:

    wow u have a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L voice. u are truly a star. keep up the gret work

  93. jcbsebrigh says:

    lovely! i enjoyed watching your playing and singing… beatuful song very Nice (ツ)

  94. ZachLerdahl says:

    You voice is a gift from God. Its as if the best singer, in all of his celestial heaven, multiplied the quality of her voice 10x and you were borne with it.


  96. It is just WOW :D

  97. Sorry I was trying to respond to the song prior but it changed songs so it deleted my comment! I think this song could not have come into my life at a better time. The vocals are amazing and the meaning behind the lyrics are also the best. I love to find a song that really means a lot and has a nudge to my heart. thank you :)

  98. POOHSMYDUDE1 says:


  99. PekisKitchen says:

    Very nice. I love the music. Your music is wonderful, beautifull. You are an angel. Thanks.

  100. huyked says:

    I like your voice. The song is really calming too.  Ahhh…….

  101. MegaRoy32 says:

    really. when i heard this i almost fell from my chair. this is awesome.

  102. nannyfer01 says:

    omg your voice is so beautiful its like angles singing

  103. pecazizitop says:

    i like this song :D

  104. Rayne says:

    Ha! 120th comment! :D

    …Had to say it. Now, down to the real stuff.

    This was actually the first piece I ever heard from you, Ashelyn, and while I wasn’t sure about it at first, it kept drawing me back. After hearing a few others, I quickly became a convert. The music you write is of rare beauty. I love it, and I hope to get up a YouTube response soon. <3


  105. Thanks for adding me as a contact! I REALLY LIKE IT YOUR AWESOME!!!!! :)

  106. er0tas says:

    Underrated beautiful angel.

  107. Crowbird41 says:

    Ahelyn Summers. Is that you playing the piano? I wish there was more of a profile aspect to Youtube. I wonder.. Are you single? Is there somebody loving you? I’m sure there is. I go into my Youtube inbox, which I rarely look at and I see a notice 3/12/12.

  108. Crowbird41 says:

    I am watching her play the piano and wonder.. Are you my long lost soul mate? And then I see another beautiful girl playing a cello, and she reminds me of the movie ‘August Rush’.

  109. StarzAudio says:

    Great Work Ashelyn!
    Beautiful Voice, Piano, and Strings!!!

  110. howduc says:

    That was wonderful !!

  111. ladyakademix says:

    That was very relaxing. What a beautiful voice you have :)

  112. Omg, what the hell is wrong with YouTube?! 5,000 views in one year+?! This should have hundred’s of thousands!! I loved this Ashelyn. Amazing job here. Keep it up!! Subbed!!
    And peace. :)

  113. KiKa3541 says:

    your voice is beautiful <3

  114. vorellave says:

    i can’t even find right words… it sounds deep but,,, flow, fly, sky, wind, sun light, n… oh, where am i? :-D

  115. Nightheath says:

    So amazing, now I have tears in my eyes…

  116. BassBluez says:

    Beautiful Song!
    Exquisite Voice!
    Wonderful Piano & Violin

  117. as I read your reply to Crowbird, thanks for adding me as a contact, i’ll sub, great music

  118. KiKa3541 says:

    i love your voice

  119. Richy Walsh says:

    Hi Ashelyn! you have a gorgeous voice!! you are one of the best on you tube!! Love your channel!! keep posting your amazing talent!! thanks Rich :)

  120. kazakcol says:

    Oh…. Nom…Nom…Nom…. It’s my dream have a voce laKe YOUUUUUUUUU!!!!

  121. wow! i am really happy that i bothered to look up who you were! normally i don’t bother with contact requests but you make heavenly music! you really do deserve more attention for your effort!
    sweet job!

  122. midnight99sp says:

    :) wow u hv a beautiful voice ^_^

  123. I’m really GLAD you added me as one of your contacts!!! (=^_^=)

  124. CropOverman says:

    This is so Beautiful.

  125. If u get discover, I hope u sold a lot of ur albums!

  126. biong120 says:

    what a beautifull voice!

  127. all i have to say is wow you are talented babe

  128. epic sounding,Awesome this is great

  129. Chilin Gurrl says:

    An Amazing voice, absolutly beautiful.

  130. Wow… It’s ‘wow’nderful… :p

  131. daniel121997 says:

    I Love it!
    Can I just say, that I love your work and that you kinda sound like
    Florence and The Machine (Which is a good thing, cos i love her too ^_^)
    keep up the good work :) :)

  132. THE RUMOUR says:

    Reminds me of evanescence ,you are very talented 

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