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March 1, 2001 at 12:00 pm


58 Responses to “Angel”

  1. NeonBagel says:

    It makes me think of …. a very sad modern Icarus. The strings are amazing.

  2. XXTheOpenCloudXX says:

    Glad you chose No.1 Ashe, because you look just like an angel in it!! I think you should have wore a set of angel wings made of feathers. It would have completed the shot. But still… look gorgeous anyway!!!

  3. Pierre Borduas (BigPete) says:

    Great structure, beautiful arangements, superbe production, amazing performances, another work of art, great job.

  4. ramphastos says:

    Another great song. Congrats. This is art, this is real music.

  5. pecazizitop says:

    …very ,very nice,I like this song!!

  6. SoulSpectar says:

    Your voice is truly amazing :) The music composition is also insanely amazing. Great job to everyone!

  7. Ajohn13 says:

    I really like this song. Very professional recording. Great strong vocals and you have a great group of musicians playing with you. I came across your channel by listening to gkhankaya, do a cover on one of your songs. Lucky day for me. So cool.

  8. XXTheOpenCloudXX says:

    I love the above two photos, Ashe – just gorgeous – especially the left one.

  9. PolgarGM says:

    Congrats to the team. Gee, you look so happy at the end, and you should be.

  10. Jonathan says:

    Hi Ash,

    I came across “Angel” whilst listening to I can’t stop listening to it, well done! You change in pitch is incredible and you should keep it up, it’s so unique. All the best and good luck with the album :)

    All the best


  11. Jonathan says:

    Love it love it love it! Your voice blows my mind! Well done Ashe!

  12. This is great! Who knows, maybe you’ll get recognized someday.

  13. zellytega12 says:

    your vioce sounds somuch like celine dion. very nice.

  14. kikyou322 says:

    Great…amazing…beautiful !!!

  15. prelevich says:

    Another great vocal performance! :)

  16. locoroco120 says:

    she looks nervous lol but great vocals

  17. @locoroco120 I’m not nervous at all; I’m just concentrating completely on the sound. Unfortunately, the muscle configurations necessary for proper projection are not always flattering. Thus, the rather awkward facial expressions! I do compromise a bit during performances, since those are half about the sound and half about the look, but in the studio, it’s ALL about the sound :)

  18. locoroco120 says:

    @ashelynsummers hehe true true lol looking forward to more music

  19. realmclennyd says:

    wow you keep singing this good you are goring to win a grammy of your own some day

  20. fonsecorona says:

    Thanks for your invite to be Youtube friends, Ashelyn…Haven’t had the chance to watch all, or most of your videos, but this one in particular called my attention…I was also looking at your profile and noticed the comparisons with Amy Lee mentioned there…In my modest opinion, I would dare to say, this is a very difficult musical genre to do it right….After listening to your song Willful Amnesia, seeing you perform here, and reading your reply to locoroco120, I’m gonna say YOU GO GIRL!

  21. Got this album. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! SO GLAD I GOT IT.

  22. fantastic where can i buy a cd?

  23. @aztecwarriorize Thanks again! You can buy a CD directly from my website – ashelynsummers(dot)com. Please let me know if you would like it signed :)

  24. sylsof says:

    i love this song and moving, bravo it’s wonderfull

  25. Love this music…beautiful and unique!

  26. At first I was reminded of a voice somewhere along the lines of Amy Lee, but the more I listen to you the more I hear a different voice and it is absolutely beautiful. I am in love with this sound you have created, and I will definitely continue to listen to it. Fantastic job! :)

  27. 33drewster says:

    this is nice, it sounds like good music for a movie scene or the soundtrack, I love instrumenal music especially contemporary jazz, anything that helps relax the mind and calm the nerves from job stress or life period, the piano is the best axe to play period and of course the saxophone along with the drums vibe well together, all the best ashelyn!

  28. LeonGehste says:

    They’re no words that can describe how beautiful this is

  29. lopaka09ify says:

    Dramatic yet assuring through heroism with a happy ending. Nice work!

  30. safeharbor7 says:

    Loved it beautiful lady, a big thumbs up… Larry

  31. prelevich says:

    I always enjoyed certain kinds of instrumental music. As much as I like bands such as Nickelback, they do not sound anything special without vocals. Your music sounds great with and without vocals. Great stuff, Ashe! :)

  32. Darkfire0721 says:

    Beautiful. Positively beautiful. Another great song.

  33. ulvlar says:

    Beautiful Vocal :)

  34. Wolfyxxx91 says:

    You just made my day! :D And made me feel better…
    Cuz i’m really sick right now DX
    And listening to this makes me feel a lot better :D

  35. I LOVE YOUR VOICE! im glad im subscribed to you:)

  36. halfnewf13 says:

    Beautiful – love it :))

  37. btgigi974 says:

    le son de ta voix me fais planner !!!! super!!!

  38. A beautiful song from a beautiful angel

  39. yukisaga15 says:

    iI love her voice and songs.

  40. **Also beautiful. Thankful that no corporation can control music with YT and such available where the angels can sing and be heard — and play instrumentals. Be blessed, Ashelyn.

  41. txeenee says:

    Beautiful! I’m in! Purchasing your cd.

  42. realmclennyd says:

    wow you truly got the golden voice of a beautiful angel when you make a beautiful song sound this amazing

  43. Jada Andrzejczak says:

    i really love intstrumental music since it is very soothing and relaxing. ;

    Most current post coming from our blog

  44. realmclennyd says:

    wow you truly got the voice of an angel when you make a beautiful song song sound so wonderful

  45. phemohilia says:

    Wow, another powerfully awesome winner!! Thank You!!!

  46. I love ur vocal so much!

  47. teeonezee says:

    Violins are my favorate instruments. I would believe I have found a new love for vocals as well.

  48. your octive levels are amazing good job xxxx the more i hear the more i love

  49. wow another beautiful performance you really are the star of the show


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