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January 1, 2001 at 12:00 pm


60 Responses to “Masquerade”

  1. Pierre Borduas (BigPete) says:

    another great one, love how you sang this in a lower range, this gives you a chance to play with the range of emotion, great arrangements, love the waltz, I think the chorus is right on, great words, it is a nice blend of classical and pop, don’t know if I’ll come up with something but I’ll try, great work from all involved.

  2. Steve says:

    Flawless, powerful and perfect. This is the finest piece of music so far, eclipsing “The Prayer” because it is as good in the mix if not slightly better and much more mainstream! The fast start on your beautiful voice makes the song jump to life and develops a sense of anticipation. I will listen many more times but after five plays my take is, it is world class, it can’t be done better than this. Congratulations to your whole team! Awesome, beautiful music making.

  3. You’re a shine, in this dark world.

  4. Nadhifu says:

    I like it, very nice. It compliments your playlist.

  5. Wow!
    Beautiful song,
    Beautiful dress,
    Beautiful girl!

  6. Steve says:

    A beautiful video and as always a great message about dreams, hope and reality.

    It is worth waiting for the 1080HD to load for both video and audio.

    Great job Ashelyn, your art department has set a new standard with this one, nice touch with the on screen lyrics!

  7. Wow! What a passionately voice you have, Ashelyn! You are very talented! Sunshine is YOU…*smile*…!
    Hugs, Lena

  8. Steve says:

    I ah, um, well, can’t really, ah, seem to remember, what, what, I was going to, ah, sorry I guess I can’t think when I ah, I ah, I am looking at your pictures, let me turn off images. (sound of click) Yep, thats better, oh, now I remember; You are all kinds of Beautiful!

  9. XXTheOpenCloudXX says:

    I love the Masquerade dress you are wearing. It’s beautiful. You look stunning in it!!!

  10. Thank you Micheal it’s really wonderful piece.

  11. SoulSpectar says:

    Your voice is absolutely stunning

  12. surfere1969 says:

    Loved the voice and the song and you are very beautiful too.

  13. BENNEDITTO1 says:

    ……..all beautiful, very good

  14. livgrey22 says:

    wow this is really good, i like composing my own music too. your music should have more views :)

  15. Imagine her singing with Johnny Craig, lead singer for Dance Gavin Dance. I have a bad ass idea for a music video for this…. people dancing to this song, dressed up at a masquerade, then, everyone greets some princess or what-not who deep down, is actually not happy. Something elaborate like that, would be cool.

  16. Sweet and perfect drum heads chosen!10 stars

  17. Claire0267 says:

    Probably listened to this song over twenty times, I just keep clicking replay! BEAUTIFUL voice, I can see why people compare you to Amy Lee.

  18. I like this. Great voice!

  19. JRdiddy02 says:

    Absolutely awesome voice!!! I think I actually got the message

  20. exethosdrum says:

    weird to hear this without vocals lol

  21. jimsmailbox says:

    I just got home after a few days out of state doing a ceramic tle installation for Holiday Inn so I am running behind on hearing all the song updates …. Beautiful melody here Ashe, thanks for sharing ;-)

  22. Easily my favorite song by you Ashelyn! The lyrics are just amazing!

  23. WeRMusic24 says:

    Amazing! By far your best song. Really inspirational meaning. :)

  24. MsGlee1234 says:

    omg your voice is soooooo strong and amazing you are really good i love it !!!!!!!!

  25. i love masquerades and this song fits it perfectly

  26. I love it!! Same level with Ami Lee and Evanescence! OMG BRILLIANT!!!! I love the emotions and rythm of this song

  27. My friend and I are thinking of doing a version of this song. I can play a few instruments and she can sing, so we might mash them together at some point for something pretty interesting. Still LOVE this song! :)

  28. @KnightForTheKing Thank you! I’d love to hear anything you come up with. What instruments do you play?

  29. MsVans123456 says:

    your voice is amazing! such an inspiration to me!

  30. Oh my can this girl ever sing. I just came across her and what a delight. Wish I would had found out her a long time ago. What a voice, what a voice, and beauty to go along with it, she has the whole package.

  31. she looks like a puppet lol but shes so beautiful

  32. after amy lee..from evanescence..i find her voice the most beautiful..:)

  33. Tr33flow3r says:

    That was really good. I loved the song and the way your voice sounded : )

  34. Allan62T says:

    I think this belongs on an epic movie Ashelyn. It sounds so good. Your friend Terry listening to ALL your stuff. Your a special young lady!……

  35. toukey27 says:

    You guys sound awesome.

  36. abik99 says:

    Like this at my first time listen to it .. It may not have any vocal .. But i can feel what this songs all about

  37. agrid66 says:

    merci encore pour ta musique vraiment si un jour tu passe en direction de la france tu et la bien venue a ma maison et qui cest compose un morceaux merci Ashelyn pour tes musique qui sont toujour bonne a ecoute a l’oreille bravo et je rejoute tu et tres tres jolie a regarde bisous de la france…

  38. du bist gut ashelyn….you r good

  39. I Think Your VIEW counter is wrong… I think there should be 3 extra zero’s behind those numbers up there.

    I’m Absolutely Loving Your Tunes! Wish You Well and All the Best!

  40. gutten tag ashelyn i love your music u have a  beautiful voice keep up the good work

  41. LhieEV says:

    another Fallen Angel come to my life.Beautiful voice like AmyLee :)

  42. Not very many artists can pull off instrumental versions of their songs, along with vocal versions, but you, Ashelyn, proved that wrong. You have beautiful music, a beautiful voice, and are a beautiful person. I adore your music and I’m glad I discovered your talents. (: Continue on making music and singing. <3

  43. teeonezee says:

    Beautiful song, beautiful voice. Beautiful soul. LOVE YOU

  44. Daal169 says:

    Absolutely astonishing..! The music, the lyrics, the songs, your voice..! Fantastic..! I cheer you for all this really good job!! Exellente!! ^_^

  45. awesome tone to your vocals,unique

  46. biong120 says:

    always the beest with ur great voice

  47. mediamanny53 says:

    I’m glad I found this hidden treasure named Ashelyn Summers!
    Another solid vocal performance AS

  48. biong120 says:

    i am falling in love with this song …cant stop listnig

  49. you deserve to be so much more famous!

  50. It’s incredible that you wrote this all by yourself Ashelyn….

  51. 3:18 is my favorite part :)

  52. Here is a vocal treat for a Friday.

  53. amazing music I just suscribed your chanel. you are a great musician.

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