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October 1, 2000 at 12:00 pm


131 Responses to “Broken Man”

  1. I love this song so much…it speaks straight into my heart.

  2. great lyrics.. great song!

  3. XXTheOpenCloudXX says:

    I love this album cover, too, mainly because of the design and the way you are standing in it. The masquerade dress you are wearing ties in with the colours of the album cover perfectly. As always, you look beautiful wearing it.

  4. admin says:

    It doesn’t show from these photos, but it is actually just a blouse. Although, I do love all that intricate beadwork :)

  5. XXTheOpenCloudXX says:

    It’s just a blouse? Wow….I thought it was the masquerade dress!! The blouse is gorgeous – red is your colour!!!

  6. admin says:

    Well, I’m glad you like it because I’ve gone with a black, white, and red theme :)

  7. XXTheOpenCloudXX says:

    You’re welcome, Ashe

  8. pecazizitop says:

    …nice song,and I also saw,
    very good improvisation from by Gökhan Özkaya !

  9. Cherrylin94 says:

    This song was the first one I heard from you. I’ll never forget how I randomly clicked on stereomood, displeased with how much I found I didn’t like (I’m a bit picky with music) but then I clicked on this one, and just listened in awe! It was so fantastic!

    It took only seconds before I began watching your stuff, and I tell you, this is rare; I love everything you’ve made so far!

    I wish you the best of luck, always!

  10. fire and brimstone, you ARE amazing

  11. Very powerful lyrics. Normally I listen to the music first and the lyrics second, but the lyrics of this song drew me in very quickly. Excellent.

  12. HELL YEAH! 0 dislikes! amazing! =]

  13. IRanaTest says:

    You have put it all together in “Broken Man”. Of course your voice is the given. The melody moves and is compelling. You have contrast: This song departs from the nearly chronic crescendo of some of you other songs. The lyrics are deep and varied. You avoid cliches. They are cohesive and fit the melody. I do not know if you are the writer or collaborator or someone else wrote this song specifically for your voice. Am I writing to the wrong person?

  14. realmclennyd says:

    wow you have such an amazing voice that I know that you will make a wonderful super star some day

  15. You have a beautiful voice! Keep it up! :)

  16. thadawerk says:

    excellent job on this track. I like the overall production, especially the piano work. Good vocals. You have a beautiful voice.

  17. MsEvylinda says:

    I love your voice! Keep it up!

  18. Awesome
    I subbed your great channel

  19. AmyListener says:

    Nice to see you moved ‘Broken Man’ to your primary song. It’s your best {:^)?

  20. fairskyze says:

    Beautiful. Reminds me of Plumb, which is one of my favorite female artists!

  21. geogreg27 says:

    Absolutely wonderful.
    Powerful voice. You shine with greatness.
    (( Awesome ))

  22. OganesAKAOG says:

    you have an amazing voice

  23. isamuW3 says:

    You have a unique voice O:, I enjoyed hearing your talent.

    *Subscribes & hopes for more future songs like this or even greater x)!

  24. You have such a beautiful voice and the lyrics are just so amazing. Your voice reminds me a little bit of my older sister’s, but she has more of a crooner’s voice whereas you seem to have a more classical voice. I hope to hear more of your music in the future!

  25. darianryder says:

    A fine voice and powerful lyrics.

  26. yippee for you. Beautiful by the way

  27. sharona4608 says:

    lovely!!! i thoroughly enjoyed it!!!

  28. LeonGehste says:

    Sounds like it would be from a sad scene in a movie

  29. So beautiful!!!! I want to download SO BADLY!!!!!!

  30. mberning1 says:

    Awed. Sharing where I exist.

  31. SLOTloven says:

    I agree that it does sound sad but. I don’t often like listening to instrumentals because I’m very lyrical but that was very beautiful and I couldn’t shut it off when it started

  32. @SophiaLongMen All my music is available on iTunes and Amazon, or if you don’t have access to either one of those, you can still get them with a free account on my website – ashelynsummers(dot)com

  33. 1998LSC says:

    Wow soooo beautiful!

  34. geogreg27 says:

    Brilliant cover art.
    Amazing song. That voice is grandeur. You are totally in control. Fabulous.
    (( Highest Ratings ))

  35. um.. wow, I llke your song

  36. great song amazing voice mtv should be made aware of this amazing singer

  37. superb………..keep singing

  38. btgigi974 says:

    waouhhhhhh……trop génial

  39. conversion96 says:

    Beautiful…gorgeous….and heavenly

  40. SLOTloven says:

    Who is it originally by?

  41. @SLOTloven Broken Man is an original song! I composed all the music on my album :)

  42. SLOTloven says:

    @ashelynsummers Wow, that’s awesome!!! That’s talent right there

  43. Darkfire0721 says:

    Positively beautiful. This song makes me want to cry.

  44. oh my god you’re so good!

  45. lordmanimal says:

    Rock Band Network Must Have.

  46. Powerful song. Reminds me of Evanescence. Lovely lyrics.

  47. For me It’s like Evanescence,combined with We Are The Fallen,and a little something else. But anyways,this is a beautiful song.

  48. krissy1h says:

    Ashelyn ..i love you !..this is my fav song by you .!!!!..big hugs from the sooner state!

  49. u look so pretty and u have an incredible voice

  50. Ajohn13 says:

    Ashelyn, just love this song, I find myself feeling that way about all your songs.

  51. LNLovelife says:

    Very nice sound:) Kinda remind me of the singer from Evanescence

  52. DPpictures says:

    Thanks for the contact add. It was well worth it, I see.

  53. Your voice amazing. Great songs! :)

  54. Sweet song, I love this :)

  55. par5able says:

    Wow, your amazing! Incredible voice and the music goes with it perfectly. In my opinion, the way the music is played and ESPECIALLY your voice, sounds a lot like Evanescence. Truly beautiful, way to go! :D

  56. This really is beautiful. It reminds me of someone riding on their horse in the forest under a full moon. You have an amazing voice.

  57. yukisaga15 says:

    Well a nice voice should sing with the heart. Without the heart,there would be no emotion to make the song nor voice great…rock on! XOXOX

  58. Shees. That was so extraordinary in talent, that if I listened to secular music, I would have bought that. That is phenom in talent level, lyrics, and song. Wow.

  59. *I don’t even listen to secular music, really. But this is so beautiful a voice — I shared to fb.  Beautiful, Ashelyn. Be blessed.

  60. krissy1hanna says:

    I will like this EVERYTIME i this…!!!

  61. mmcglinn1 says:

    Beautiful, You have a lovely voice!! <3

  62. david3legs says:

    Outstanding !! – Dave

  63. 24dramafreak says:

    i really wish you would stop reading all my deep poetic thoughts and making them into completely amazing songs. :)

  64. xPrettyOnex says:

    beautiful:) love it

  65. 111keanna says:

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  66. ZachLerdahl says:

    This is some of the most pure music that I have heard in a long time, the piano is breathtakingly beautiful, the violin goes along beautifully with your voice, oh and your voice is the best I’ve ever heard in my whole 16 years on this planet, and the electric guitar adds a spice to the music!! It all adds together to make the most appeasing music ever created.

  67. Thank you for sharing….absolutely beautiful…I love your music…..signed: a hopeless romantic

  68. prissy232 says:

    this is beautiful

  69. Dickkait says:

    gorgeous musical talent – composition, keyboard and voice. Very good center to the feeling too.

  70. Dickkait says:

    gorgeous musical talent – composition, keyboard and voice. Very good center to the feeling too.

  71. Really.. very nice Ashelyn.. thanks for turning me on to your music..

  72. brpoit says:

    Gorgeous voice! Love your style

  73. ZAbest234 says:

    i really love this song:)

  74. rrryyy666 says:

    Beautiful voice…I added you as a friend and also suscribed to your channel

  75. zeekerpup says:

    been a fan for a year or two..i wish she would sing more but this is really good

  76. forkball1968 says:

    Your vocals are incredible. You sound a lot like Amy Lee. It’s pretty astonishing how much in fact.

  77. hebe326 says:

    Very nice cover and you have a marvelous voice. Congratulations.

  78. kristy32303 says:

    I really love her beautiful voice! She does remind me of Evanescence also..

  79. Ashley121421 says:

    This is beautiful. :) It really does have that Amy Lee feel. :D Thanks for the contact notification! You’re really talented!

  80. Deevs2908 says:

    Wonderful……love it..

  81. Love this song, such a beautiful voice. I love to listen to it, when life is becoming stressfull. It helps.

  82. TyphoidBryan says:

    This may be coming to Rock Band 3 soon, for those who are interested. Emphasis on vocals and keys.

  83. enedina2005 says:

    u sing really good

  84. realmclennyd says:

    wow this is one of the best video on you tube

  85. realmclennyd says:

    wow you have such an amazing voice that I know that you will make a wonderful superstar some day

  86. Beautiful! and familiar. Thank you

  87. NeonandPhall says:

    The first video of yours I listen too and I was simply amazed Like & Fav.

  88. This is amazing. Thanks for finding me. :)

  89. Tabbyoca1969 says:

    Hi, love your song but… I see you added me as a contact. Do I know you? If I do please refresh my memory. Thank you.

  90. realmclennyd says:

    you have the voice of an angel that was really beautiful

  91. OfeliaMarie1 says:

    I’m so happy you added me, because I’ve listened to every song. :P <3

  92. muana13 says: great and sweet voice…
    beautiful melodie !!!

  93. jazzableful says:

    Very good voice! Excellent presentation and performance! JAZZZ

  94. Will u marry me so you can sing to me every night

  95. you are soo beautiful and amazingly talented :) keep it up!

  96. SLRBeats says:

    wow you are so amazing !! <3

  97. Trustee2012 says:

    Wonderful, DREAMS….Thank you

  98. I am now a Fan… Love Your Voice Ashelyn… This Beautiful… :)

  99. Yazoo9292 says:

    reminds me of amy lee!
    love this song!

  100. I am so a fan of u!:)

  101. yeh it does sam but diffrent in so many ways nice work ashlyn xxx your sound rocks

  102. mediamanny53 says:

    Strong and determined are the lyrics and with your voice singing them, it can fixed any

  103. NuCrowe says:

    reminds me of Evanescence

  104. violinfire24 says:

    Your voice is very compelling… Wonderful job!!!!

  105. wow you keep singing this good you are truly goring to win a Grammy of your own some day

  106. tps607 says:

    exquisite vocal

  107. Ashelyn! I cannot believe you found me! So I am so blessed for this!!! LOVE

  108. Happy new years to you . Btw my ears are starting to fall in love with your
    playing . Just realize that not all the stars are in the sky . Have a nice

  109. mediamanny53 says:

    I was attracted to the title while searching for release but once I heard
    the voice I was charmed.

  110. Great track Ashe…good song development & meaningful lyrics..also I feel
    your powerful voice goes very well with a rock background…without turning
    into a kinda Gothic vibe..:-)…and with your romantic piano playing you
    got your own style…well done…I liked it!..greets, JJ :-) X

  111. Sean Moser says:

    Wow, recently discovered you, and all your songs are absolutely amazing!

  112. Amazing voice!!!!love it…..

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