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July 1, 2000 at 12:00 pm


212 Responses to “Willful Amnesia”

  1. dankitti says:

    song = awesomeness <333

  2. BesottedPig says:

    I love this song, listened to it alot through a hard time.

  3. emmahh22 says:

    What a beautiful voice and beautiful song. Is this an original?

  4. YehIm18 says:

    You have such an amazing voice. Could you please upload the acoustic version?

  5. @YehIm18 Thanks! And per your request, I’ve uploaded a video for

  6. you’re awesome ashley.. good luck on ur career…

  7. angelpoly13 says:

    this is an amazing song.

  8. Aspidas1 says:

    All your songs are great but this is by far the best!

  9. Kbone28 says:

    My god, you have an amazing voice. I came upon this song by chance using the ‘mood stereo’ site. You have an amazing range, truly talented keep going! :)

  10. I also heard this song on stereomood.. love it! Your voice is amazing!

  11. SugarHigh121 says:

    I found this also on moodstereo- beautiful song

  12. I love the piano in this. The vocals are fantastic. I feel like sitting against the wall next to the piano as you play and get lost in myself.

  13. This is so beautiful and touching <3 Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with us! :)

  14. @ashelynsummers Its fantastic. Would love to see a video of you singing it kind of like the one’s of you in the studio recording. I don’t ask for much do I ;)

  15. @ARBuilder1776 We will be making a music video for

  16. XXTheOpenCloudXX says:

    Are they real tattoo’s of the Cleff if I remember right? Or were they painted on to give that look? I love the way your hair is done. It looks gorgeous, Ashe.

  17. admin says:

    The flourishes were added in PhotoShop. They are part of the Swirly Ornament Brush set by in obscuro.

  18. XXTheOpenCloudXX says:

    Cool. They just look so real!!!

  19. XXTheOpenCloudXX says:

    Another favourite song of mine. i love the end chorus…so heartfelt….and just so beautiful.

  20. srmedaigual says:

    repeatedly listening to the song

  21. ichellema123 says:

    why hasn’t this video seen more views?!

  22. Beautiful song that brings out your wonderful voice to the full!!!
    Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

  23. fawn2011 says:

    OMG!! I cannot believe how beautiful your voice is, your musical talent all around w/ piano, writing this wonderful music,and thank you so much for friending me, b/c otherwise I would not have found you! Absolutely beyond words how great you are!! Looked on your sites and saw you had music recorded for sell . Will certainley be no.1 customer! UNBELIEVABLE how fantastic you are!! A true thrill to find!!! I know will enjoy all your great music has to offer and hear!! REAL EAR CANDY!!! : )

  24. your a really good singer!

  25. surfere1969 says:

    You have a really sweet voice.Loved the song.

  26. jazzie882010 says:

    you have a beautyful voice, i think you sound like Amy Lee form evanescence x

  27. 43anoyes says:

    beautiful voice, enjoyed your songs immensely, I will keep listening if you keep creating. Poetry and music combined to sound like heaven…..

  28. luveruvmusic says:

    Hauntingly beautiful. This song has everything you could want in a piece. Amazing range where you hit everything spot on. Exceptional music and lyrics. Nuff said except Thank You!…Nico

  29. mijenik1 says:

    You just made a new fan today :-)

  30. TheMimzee says:

    I expect to see you around for a LONG LONG time to come. Good luck with your career. Don’t give it up, ever. There are too few female vocalists who are worth the money–you are one of the best. Up there with Enya.

  31. erickdircks says:

    Nice! Thank you very much for Sharing!

    What a way of meeting people and get to see their talent. At first was reluctant being on youtube, but getting to do this has brought me into the houses of some very special people. You are one of them. Life; isn’t it wonderful!
    Keep up the good work. Hope You Are Having A Splendid Day!

    A New Friend

  32. wow. im a fan of Amy lee and sharon de adele(Wihin Temptaton) and… god you’re voice gives me the same reaction i get when i listen to them. chills. you are AMAZING! <3

  33. zellytega12 says:

    shounds like Celine Dion! Thats nice

  34. SCOTTYBEE4JC says:

    beautiful job sweetie :)

  35. darcy4life13 says:

    AWWEE! Beautiful Song!! And thx for the Add,

  36. As you can see by my name, I am a big fan of Evanescence, but wow… you are amazing. I love the piano in this song too. It adds a nice touch to your fantastic voice. Please do continue to make amazing songs.

  37. livgrey22 says:


    i say the same thing :)

  38. eastariel says:

    Wow, what a beautiful voice!

  39. kikyou322 says:

    Wow…great song….and your great voice. Your original….wow ^_^!!! Thanks for the upload!

  40. your voice is totally beautiful…im so glad i found this video…your amazing..great gift u have…God bless you

  41. prelevich says:

    Hey, Ashelyn, and thank you for the friend request. You really do remind me of Amy Lee, one of my all time favorite vocalists. We should do a collaboration video at some point. I wrote 2 original songs and recorded 1 so far. They are currently in the demo version (guitar + vocals only) and I will be uploading them soon! Keep up the awesome work!

  42. SOOOOoooooooooo fantastic. Where has this song been all of my life and how did I ever live without it ?! WONDERFUL !!

  43. this be amazing!!!!!!! <3

  44. omgosh cant get enough of this song!!!!!!!! <3 <3

  45. metamurph says:

    dialed this up from your invite, thought I was listening to Amy Lee – awesome song and voice, thanks

  46. you wrote this? wow, this is an awesome song – well befitting your beautiful voice! great job, rock on! -frank- / model daughters

  47. willy350z says:

    Super cool talent:)W

  48. @modeldaughters Thank you! Yes, I did -

  49. wow i love this song!!!!! like i love the conflict within this song on how you love him but wanna forget you do… its like your fighting with yourself….. i simply adore this song….. best part is

  50. anasofia4450 says:

    I love this so much **

  51. wlt777 says:

    Very,..Very Nice. :)

  52. 4david211 says:

    nice…name is powerful….trying to forget…willful Amnesia…sweet…good job!!

  53. sharona4608 says:

    Beautiful voice, thanks!!!!

  54. Weid comment: I cried when I heard this!!! XD

  55. luveruvmusic says:

    As I listen to this powerhouse of a song, I think of the lyrics and wonderful music that draws me in. The great title. The only artist that comes to my mind is Ashelyn Summers. Bravo!!

  56. wynne11 says:

    beaautiful! fell in the love the first time i heard it <3

  57. Shockinh says:

    nice song w nice voice

  58. The first thing that comes to mind when I hear your voice is a combination between Celine Dion and Amy Lee but it’s straight up gorgeous and unique :)

  59. yukanichii says:

    It’s so beautiful… <3

  60. Are you the actual ashelyn summers?
    or you know some sick and twisted person pretending to be someone youre not?
    if youre the real ashelyn summers… i think your awesome!(:

  61. @TheSweetRhyme I don’t think I’m quite famous enough to have impostors yet.

  62. @ashelynsummers I geuss so…. Well when you do get famous i could always say i talked to you on youtube before you were really famous!!

  63. Absolutely love this! :) Beautiful voice!

  64. You have an amazing voice and a great songwriter too! :)

  65. terradoll13 says:

    Only 10,111 views? What is wrong with the world?This song is too beautiful not to be heard. So moving and perfect. This was the first song you wrote? If the first song I wrote sounded this good I would’ve died. It took about 5 to sound good :) Reminds me of Evanescence…love IT

  66. breath taking voice beautiful music!!

  67. You have an amazing voice!! Just as great as evenences! :) I wish had such an amazing voice as you :) sadly i dont :( but since you do you should use it wisefully :) lol anyways i just wated to say

  68. cindyhmoss says:

    This is amazing! =)Sarah

  69. amazing…just amazing..beautiful voice.

  70. Dnp4real says:

    Amazing song + amazing voice = PERFECTION!!!

  71. Beautiful song. I’d love to put some distorted guitar into it. I think it would compliment nicely.

  72. pendragonox2 says:

    Wow I love hearing music like this. There’s just no words to describe it.

  73. @Theshemproductions The introduction is pure piano. The whole piece was recorded on a 1910 Story & Clark upright grand. It’s a beautiful, worn, and unique instrument. A perfect match for the distress of the piece. You can even hear the subtle creak of the pedals if you listen closely enough.

  74. great voice! hope you go far

  75. Darkfire0721 says:

    Beautiful song and one of my favorites.

  76. @david17071966 Thank you :) If you are serious, I would love to hear it!

    P.S. The stems are available for free download on my website. Just go to ashelynsummers . com and navigate to Music > Key To My Heart > Willful Amnesia > Remix

  77. MagicTDS5 says:

    An absolutely, amazing, beautiful, and powerful original,
    sung and written by the absolutely amazing beautiful powerful singer/songwriter, Ashelyn Summers!
    Brilliant, Miss Summers. :)

  78. Always willing to support Indie music

    All these comments clearly say the same, right?

  79. Beautiful. But it says in your profile that you have been compared to Amy Lee. You’re amazing, I’m sorry but not that amazing :| Still good though! I’m not hatin!(:

  80. In my personal opinion, you’re better than Amy Lee, don’t get me wrong I think she’s a great singer but she overdoes it, ALOT, especially on her new cd, she’s just trying too hard. You on the other hand it’s simple and beautiful. I personally love this song and can relate with it very heavily. Keep it up! <3

  81. cebukid70 says:

    Bravo! What a great song and composition on piano. :-)

  82. ronshel302 says:

    wow…beautiful beautiful voice!

  83. @ashelynsummers Yeah I do hear the creak….It gives the true idea of sound in orchestration of music.

  84. you remind me of Evanescence somehow. your amazing :)

  85. You have a beautiful voice. It’s just beautiful and inspiring.

  86. LeonGehste says:

    Just love the sound of the piano

  87. lopaka09ify says:

    Sounds great! Nice job!

  88. safeharbor7 says:

    Beautiful… Thumbs up… Larry

  89. thadawerk says:

    all your tracks have beautiful music. amazing sounds.

  90. jimsmailbox says:

    Ashelyn, Though I have always been a fan of instruments such as the piano, violyn & chello, I have never been much of a fan of instrumentals . Maybe because I am such a big fan of the female voice. But reguardless, this song & several other Instrumentals you have posted over the last few days has definately broken down that barrier. I’ve really enjoyed them & wanted to post a heartfelt thank you for sharing them with us …….Jim McMillen

  91. Dang u should be famous by now. i luv music like this. ur remind me of evanescence because the singer amy lee has a beautiful voice but…. ur’s is more beautiful. <3

  92. the person who dislikes this is on crack. just saying

  93. you sound almost exactly like amy lee from evanescence. You are an awesome singer

  94. sounds just like evanescence, which is a huggeee compliment! ur greatt!!

  95. Very, very beautiful song, Ashelyn.
    Really enjoyed it !
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs and smiles

  96. Nonose9000 says:

    you’ve got talent, I’m serious!

  97. Pikachuluva4 says:

    Loveee dis beautiful voice:’D

  98. Darkfire0721 says:

    Definitely one of my favorite songs and a very beautiful one at that.

  99. <3 it!!! one question…who uses myspace anymore?

  100. First song i ever heard from you. One word AMAZING. and thats an understatement. no words can express how beautiful this song and your voice is

  101. thadawerk says:

    You have some amazing songs. Like always, really great job.

  102. soooooo beautiful…your voice, keys, your photo…breathless…thanx for sharing…i will subscribe :-)

  103. TheCharm1444 says:

    OMG!!! I can’t spoke listening to this song. Your voice is like a soft bell ringing across a field, but power like thunder roaring over earth!!!! Why you aren’t know around the world yet, is unknown to me, but I will spread your beautiful music everywhere I go. You inspire me A LOT, and maybe one day, we can collab together, while I scream like a fangirl lol.

  104. I’m going to put this on my wall :D

  105. sucharek147 says:

    This is my favourite of all your songs!

  106. Oh my, can this babe ever sing. Just came across her by way and means of invitation, and what a delight indeed. The power of music, this is so soothing and relaxing, like floating on a cloud. She is a very beautiful girl also. The whole package, beauty and voice will surely put this girl on the map. We will be hearing more about her in the future. If I were her I would enter America’s Got Talent. This is so beautiful. Sing on Princess, you are such a charm, what talent, a beautiful bliss.


  108. nannyfer01 says:

    you can sing i love your voice <3

  109. There are no words to express the beauty of this piece or your voice~ <3

  110. btgigi974 says:

    wouah!!! epoustouflante!!! 

  111. darcy4life13 says:

    these pictures are so beautiful! i wish i could take pictures like this. <3 =3

  112. I agree, this song is comparable to Evanescence <3
    You are so talented, hon! I find your music so soothing and comforting, and see no reason why you will not succeed with your dreams. Your talent is obvious to the eye.


  113. It’s nice miss keep working it will pay off..

  114. Everything I love, piano, powerful and a beautiful voice !
    It’s really great !

  115. ninjite89 says:

    I concur! Definitely comparable to Evanescence, but I’ve heard too many of there songs. I’m going to show it to some of my friends!

  116. This is beautiful..You’re like the next Amy Lee

  117. Okay this video need way more views…Eh, I can have that arranged :)

  118. arjacobsen says:

    Wow what a beautiful voice! The piano playing is awesome too! Its hard to find someone with this much talent!

  119. lilmzawsome says:

    I love ur voice

  120. Wasameng says:

    Such a unique voice, ahh Love it. Beautiful. Keep it up!

  121. You have such a beautiful voice :) now I’m starting to memorize this song ehe

  122. awesumash100 says:

    Hey Ashelyn! My Name Is Ashlynn, You Added Me As A Contact, And I Dont Know If You Pronounce Your Name The Same As Mine, But I Think Thats Really Cool…Oh And I Also Sing…But Clearly Not As Good As You!

  123. xPrettyOnex says:

    beautiful job :)

  124. Dang girl! You’ve got some pipes! This is beautiful!!

  125. So lovely, I really must listen to more of your music – I’ve only really listened to this one and

  126. Thanks for the friend invite and thanks for introducing me to your music, you are a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice.

  127. MrAtrain85 says:

    wow i really like this song i was just listen for bit. but i just had hear whole song i think its awesome u have such a awesome voice yep. u rock.

  128. Dickkait says:

    Awesome. Beautiful. Lovely. Tender. Perfect playing, Richard

  129. clcrruz says:


  130. Desirea124 says:

    Awsome u have a wonderful voice and a lot of talent :)

  131. zeekerpup says:

    it is criminal that youre talent is stifled by recording labels that dont understand….very nice Ms Summers

  132. huyked says:

    Reminds me of Evanescence.

  133. bussalt says:

    you kind of remind me of amy lee from evanescence.

  134. XXXXTheGhost says:

    While your voice and style is pretty, I really love these lyrics.

  135. 10E says:

    Your voice is enchanting. This song is beautiful. You sing it so passionately.

  136. jadalardy says:

    I loved it vualah

  137. Gave me chills. You are incredible.
    I miss him.

  138. AmayaHimitsu says:

    This song gave me chills… amazing…

  139. 53ladyhawk says:

    Amazing voice and talent!!!!! 

  140. Nightheath says:

    Wow! What an amazing voice! I’m absolutely fascinated!!! Your music is balm for the ears!

  141. phemohilia says:

    Damn, this was powerful. Thank You for sharing this beautiful piece of music!!

  142. jazzableful says:

    You are very good! Great performance!! I am going to add you to my playlist of features to show you and your video! JAZZZ

  143. BassBluez says:

    Beautiful Voice, Song, and Piano!

  144. i agree with the 2 comments above ashelyn sounds like amy lee from evanescence so amazing and beautiful

  145. JAllen22cool says:

    that’s exactly what I was going to say ;)

  146. Yazoo9292 says:

    i like this song!!!

  147. AngieZz7 says:

    Touches the heart…..beautiful

  148. BK Bazhe says:

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  149. BAZHE says:

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  150. ReinaDCD says:

    Beautiful music, Ashelyn! Thanks for adding me as your contact. Your music seriously reminds me of Evanescence, and I LOVE that band. Is it possible to use any of your songs in my future videos with your permission? :)

  151. jazzableful says:

    Absolutely lovely!!! The song, your voice and you!!!! JAZZZ NIGHTS

  152. Very pretty music Ashelyn :)

  153. a beautiful voice ;) it let the sky shine in the darkness ! / eine wundervolle Stimme ;) sie lässt den Himmel erleuchten in der Dunkelheit

  154. amina02dz says:

    You sound like Amy Lee <3

  155. countrychloe says:

    So beautiful. :)

  156. pietro305 says:

    wow wow wow wow wow

  157. pietro305 says:

    Ashelyn, you sound like Vivian Ortega or better yet she sound like you, what a voice you have girl, Bravo bravo  clap clap clap clap

  158. I’m so glad you stopped by.. Thanks so much, All the Best and I’ll Be Back.

  159. That was one of my first thought’s. Her Voice… oooh… Her Voice!

  160. jasminmaria2 says:

    olá! from Brazil. it is wonderfulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  161. Seriously, I have never been able to get enough of your stuff. You have such a great voice! I simply love it, and this is one of my favorite ones! You are truly amazing!

  162. You are very talented and have an amazing voice! Keep it up!

  163. bored123452 says:

    This is the most beautiful music i’ve heard in a long while. You have a amazing voice and I have to say you made me cry in happiness this is really great music need more music like this. Keep what you are doing and never stop.

  164. LikatuMandy says:

    I love it :) what a great voice you have!

  165. You have an amazing voice and piano is just … magic ! A french fan from Paris

  166. dani5lo says:

    Its like a mashup from Evanescence and Plumb….you”re awesome Ashlyn!!!
    Keep the good work!

  167. Hi. Thank you so much for letting me discover your music. It is really beautiful. Thank you for making me pleased :)

  168. You make our world better with your romantic, mysterious voice & beautiful songs…
    Good luck girl to your carrier and life :)

  169. The Combi with the other instrumens are so well chocen..
    It gives a peacefull,…restfull ambiance..Thank you all, yoi it!!

  170. IIsopali says:

    Yes, my thoughts exactly, the first few notes and I could hear Evanescence in this song :)

  171. Beautiful music .

  172. Great song !!!
    Note 10 !!!

  173. mediamanny53 says:

    Shared Ashelyn Summers wonderful strong voice & piano work previously but
    her talent, it’s worth another look!

  174. lvRon98 says:


  175. great work, really unique voice! found this through VaatiVidya

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