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November 1, 2000 at 12:00 pm


43 Responses to “Ambiguous Mess”

  1. NeilCardall says:

    great song and video. love it ..

  2. amazing talent, great track.

  3. phfirst says:

    beautiful voice!! greetings from Brazil!! o/

  4. BigPete says:

    Thanks Ashelyn for sharing my humble mix of your great composition, peace.

  5. TheEmmiEmmi says:

    that’s good music… I like :)

  6. 5* loved the voice, the instrumental, perfect

  7. Absolutely amazing voice, very impressed. You just made my night.

  8. bestbop says:

    Ashelyn Summers Rocks!!! – This is the proof :-)

  9. Player83 says:

    Nice! Greetings from Poland!

  10. admin says:

    Any guesses on where the gate leads to?

  11. XXTheOpenCloudXX says:

    The gates you are sitting at look strangely familiar. It looks like the photo was taken from a scene in the Xbox 360 game, Alan Wake. I could be wrong, but I think the gates lead out into a rather large courtyard to a large wooden house overlooking some rather impressive scenery.

  12. XXTheOpenCloudXX says:

    I love your necklace with the key attached – it’s beautiful.Oh, and the pic too – because it is amazing!!

  13. admin says:

    Thanks! I like that necklace too :) It actually belongs to my sister, who is kind enough to let me use her jewelry for the photos and videos :)

  14. admin says:

    The gates actually lead up to a pair of gazebos set amongst a row of orange trees, which is apropos, because the hillside overlooks Orange County :)

  15. XXTheOpenCloudXX says:

    It actually sounds quite beatiful. I was sort of half there though – I was right – it overlooks some scenery.

  16. XXTheOpenCloudXX says:

    You’re welcome, Ashe. It looks beautiful on you.

  17. admin says:

    It does. On clear days you can see all the way out to the mountains :)

  18. XXTheOpenCloudXX says:

    Wow…..sounds amazing!!!

  19. admin says:

    It can be, particularly in the winter after a storm has passed, when the air is clear and the mountains are dazzling white. The other side of the hill might be more spectacular though – it looks out over the Pacific :)

  20. XXTheOpenCloudXX says:

    Wow!! Where I live, I have amazing views also. My house is lucky to be 100m from the beautiful Tuggerah Lake. I live directly across the road. On clear days, you can see for miles. Across the lake, you have a view of The Entrance, a small, yet large city, with it’s skyscrapers. It’s also a tourist hotspot, just like where I live – tourists just love it!!

  21. luveruvmusic says:

    Always fun in the studio !? Good sound, and once again such impeccable range. Well done..Nico

  22. realmclennyd says:

    wow with your amazing voice you can be the next pop sensation in no time

  23. exethosdrum says:

    Cool song… love your voice… thumbs up and subbed… but I want to drop kick the bass player in the nuts for using a pick.

  24. safeharbor7 says:

    Great job beautiful classy lady, thumbs up… Larry

  25. 86henry says:

    Kinda have the look of Sophia Bush and the voice of Amy Lee(Evanescence).

  26. You have a very beautiful voice and i adore the song

  27. cool song babe! keep up the nice work!

  28. Very well done. I love your softer songs, but this is also amazing

  29. SIRONEDRAGON says:

    Cool ..reminds me of Annie Lennox : )

  30. realmclennyd says:

    wow you should get a record deal some day because I would love to listen to your wonderful voice on the radio because I think that you are an awesome singer who should be singing at the top of the pop charts some day

  31. awesome video you definitely rock

  32. Beautiful voice & Great song & Cool.

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